#Fitbabe Samantha Skolkin


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You CAN do hard things. You CAN be successful. You CAN reach a goal you really want. All of these things can be done by the power of you. Get out of the habit of being lazy! Not in the mood? Too bad. Suck it up. The journey won't be a jolly ride of motivation. There will definitely be days where you want to skip the gym or stay in bed and hit snooze but those are the days that matter most. You need to fight those urges and use your mental strength to push your body to go. Laziness is not allowed. Would you rather feel accomplished or feel regret? Do what you need to do in order to reach your goals and you will change your life for the better from the inside out. You can absolutely do whatever you put your mind to but it requires hard work and consistency. Make a plan and begin today.. it's never too late to change your life for the better and to be HAPPY❤️

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Kolejna niesamowita Poniedziałkowa Motywacja!

Zawodniczka IFBB Bikini Pro Samantha Skolkin (USA).

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The best feeling ever is the feeling of accomplishment. Reaching a goal you worked your ass off for feels so dang good. Once you reach a goal, make a new one. Keep working towards something. Starting from scratch, I know exactly what it's like to have days where I would lack motivation and energy and feel like "results are taking too long." I have been through every single phase and emotion you can possibly think of but one thing remained constant.. I NEVER gave up and I NEVER will. Giving up doesn't exist in my vocabulary.. I am a fighter. Fall in love with the entire process because the journey is extraordinary! Each step you take towards your goal makes a difference in your end result so never stop. We can do anything we put our minds to.. for real. Hard work, consistency and a positive attitude goes a long, long way. If you really want something.. go out and work for it until it's yours. #happyhumpday 😊❤️💪🏼

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Od niedawna startuje z kartą Pro.

Progres jaki robi jest szokujący i niesamowicie motywujący do działania!

Uwielbiam jej ciało.. Ma niesamowitą sylwetkę, prawda?

A ta pupaaa!!! 🍑🙌🏼😻

Samantha bez wątpienia robi ogromne wrażenie..

.. jest niesamowicie piękna..

… i jest wspaniałą zawodniczką!



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